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Syndicate Bloodstock, is centered around a deep passion for horse racing and the American tradition of Thoroughbred ownership. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Passion Breeds Success: We emphasize a strong passion for horse racing being the foundation of success in the industry and in life. Founded entrepreneurs, we have merged the mindset of personal growth and a passion for life and freedom with the beautiful American tradition of Thoroughbred horse racing.
  • Owners’ Bloodline: While we are extremely proud of the horses and trainers we work with, our true syndicate bloodline is our own. We are a community of like-minded individuals with a shared love for the sport, who have a love for freedom, a passion for life, and a will to pass that on to the next generation.
  • American Tradition: The site invites visitors to join in the American tradition of Thoroughbred racing, indicating a commitment to the heritage and future of the sport.
the owners Bloodline

a community built on tradition

At Syndicate Bloodstock, we have immense pride in the horses and trainers we collaborate with. These equine athletes and skilled trainers contribute to the syndicate’s success. It is these members that set the tone for our True Syndicate Bloodline: Our Owners Community.

Our True Syndicate Bloodline. Beyond the horses and trainers, the true syndicate bloodline lies within our community itself.

Our community consists of like-minded individuals who share a common passion for the sport, for growth, and for freedom of life. We come together to form a tight-knit group, bound by their love for horse racing and American Tradition.

Shared Values:

  • Our syndicate members are characterized by specific values:
    • Love for Freedom: We have a love and appreciation for independence, autonomy, and the ability to make choices that are our own. This aligns with the spirit of horse racing, where each racehorse strives for its own path to victory.
    • Passion for Life: We embrace life with enthusiasm and vigor. Our love for horse racing is not just a hobby; it’s a way of life and tradition.
    • Will to Pass It On: Syndicate members recognize the importance of legacy. We aim to pass down our passion, knowledge, and love for the sport to future generations.

Community and Continuity:

  • The concept of a bloodline typically relates to lineage and continuity. In this case, it extends beyond genetics.
  • The syndicate community ensures that their shared love for horse racing endures, transcending time and generations.
Halie and roy edwards, Founders and owners of syndicate bloodstock

Halie Edwards was born into the world of horse racing. Her father, a seasoned trainer, raised her amidst the stables and the rhythmic thud of hooves at Pimlico Race Course. Alongside her brother Jacob, she explored every corner of the track, learning the art of reading horses’ eyes—their fear, determination, and longing – working along side of her father in the stalls.

As the years passed, Halie’s love for these magnificent creatures deepened. She began riding, helped her father nurse injured colts back to health, and witnessed both victory and defeat along the way.

Years later, Halie stood in the same spot where she’d watched so many of her fathers old horses run. Her father had retired, and the stables were quieter now. But the memories lingered—the scent of hay, the sound of hoofbeats, and the love that had shaped her.

Halie began riding again as an adult and wanted to find herself back in the paddocks where she had spent her childhood. This passion grew into obsession, obsession with American traditions and the love of Thoroughbreds. Halie and Roy were married in 2013 on the Kentucky Derby.

Join us in american tradition

Syndicate Bloodstock offers a unique experience rooted in the American Tradition of horse racing.

Experience the thrill of America’s most premiere races at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby or Pimlico for the Preakness. Prefer a more laid back day at the track? Join us at Keeneland or Laurel racetrack for an up close and personal horse racing experience rooted in history.

Whether you are looking for the thrill of the crowd or the sound of running hoofs, we have you covered, in style.