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Syndicate bloodstock

Join us as we build on america’s greatest tradition

What is the syndicate?

Syndicate Bloodstock is an authorized association and collection of individuals who collaborate to bring horse ownership and expand the American Tradition.

Understanding Horse Syndicates: Co-Ownership and Cost Sharing

horse syndicate specifically involves a group of individuals coming together to purchase shares in a horse. Through Syndicate Bloodstock, you become co-owners with fractional ownership interests in the horses in our paddock. Whether it’s a racehorse, or a breeding stallion syndicate members share in the excitement and benefits of horse ownership.

Share in american tradition

We offer a wide range of options to own and be a part American Tradition.

From micro-ownership, to partial ownership to full ownership of racehorses.

An elegant experience rooted in American tradition.

Syndicate Bloodstock offers a unique experience rooted in the American Tradition of horse racing.

Experience the thrill of America’s most premiere races at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby or Pimlico for the Preakness. Prefer a more laid back day at the track? Join us at Keeneland or Laurel racetrack for an up close and personal horse racing experience rooted in history.

Whether you are looking for the thrill of the crowd or the sound of running hoofs, we have you covered, in style.

it’s all about the experience

our stable

We specialize in identifying and working with champion bloodlines and prestigious pedigrees, nurturing horses with unrivaled potential for racing excellence. We take bloodlines and heritage seriously and our passion is to honor and continue the legacy of greatness that flows through their veins.

our Trainers

We unite with horses and passionate trainers to champion the well-being and success of our equine athletes. Together, we nurture champions and celebrate the magic of our collaborative efforts through Olympic and world class training programs built by athletes.

our history

Our passion of horse racing runs deep. Growing up around horses, this sport became our lifelong love. Now, that passion fuels our commitment to excellence and the welfare of our equine partners. We honor the legacy, and our hearts beat to the rhythm of the racetrack.